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Envelope Printing

All invitation and announcement orders come with FREE envelopes with FREE return AND recipient addressing - yay! Below is additional information regarding the free envelope and addressing service.



You will fill out a Excel, Google Sheets, or Numbers file with separate columns for:

Recipients, Address, City, State, ZIP, and Country (if applicable)

When you are finished you can email the list to me at with your order number.

Don't forget to provide the preferred return name + address for the back flap of your envelopes!

If you prefer your envelope to be left blank with no addressing this can be done. Just be sure to state in the personalization field when you place your order.




Your envelopes will follow the same turnaround time as the rest of your order. If you purchase RUSH Proofing for your order, your envelopes will follow the upgraded turnaround time as well. I will not send your order to print until BOTH cards and envelopes are approved.


You do not need your address list ready at the time of purchase, however, it is recommended to make the proofing process move quicker to have this prepared. 


If you don't have addresses for all of your envelopes the remaining envelopes will be left black for you to fill in at a later time.

» Ex. If you order 100 Printed Sets but only have 80 addresses, the remaining 20 will just have the return address printed.

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